Martin Property Consultants Privacy Policy

At Martin Property Consultants, the privacy of all personal information is extremely important to us. We commit to collect information accurately, protect your information when we need to store it, make this information available to you on request and delete it when it is no longer in use. As of May 2018, MPC is committed to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The following privacy policy provides transparency on how we use your information.

MPC collects and processes information on the following interest groups:

– Tenants
– Clients
– Suppliers
– Employees

Will the policy and procedures be updated?
In line with GDPR, the MPC privacy policy and procedures have been updated. This policy will be reviewed regularly and updated when it is necessary. If there are any changes to the policy and procedures, our website will be updated and if relevant, MPC staff will be notified and trained. How is data stored and what efforts have been made to secure the data? Information is stored in hard copy or soft copy form depending on how it is collected and how we need to use it. We make every effort to ensure data is stored securely. In soft form, personal information is stored securely in laptops, phones and professional web portals. Emails are deleted once necessary information from emails are saved. Please do not send MPC any additional personal information not requested. Physical hard copy documents are kept in a secure location. All hard copy documents are shredded when no longer needed.

How do we use your information?
Under GDPR, we receive consent from you before acquiring your data. We only store information given to us by you or information given to us by a third party in the form of references. MPC collects data on all its tenants on behalf of their clients (the landlord of the tenants) and to contact them during the rental period and afterwards. We store the following information on tenants: financial information, contact details, references, PPS number and photo ID. We need to store proof of address, home address, agency agreement, photo ID, PPS numbers, contact details and bank details of clients. For other interest groups, we store contact details and banking details as needed. Under GDPR, we are required to inform data subjects on any lawful basis we are using their data. Your personal information needs to be stored for the duration of your contract, if you are in a contract agreement with MPC and for a duration necessary after the contract. Under GDPR, if there is a legitimate business purpose, we can continue storing the information. We need to store the information after the contract in case we need to contact you or if there is any dispute. All information is deleted when no longer needed after 6 years. MPC are not in the business of using any personal information for any marketing or profiling purposes. If you do receive an unexpected marketing email from us, please let us know as soon as possible as it is likely to be spam.

What information is stored when someone visits our Website?
Our website does not collect information from visitors through cookies. No information is collected on you unless you fill our form which sends an email to us.

How do MPC ensure the security of banking procedures?
As it is very sensitive and valuable information, we need to be particularly vigilant when processing banking data. We can assure our clients, customers and suppliers that we endeavour to comply with the latest security processes to provide the highest level of security possible for this information.

Do MPC ever share Personal Information?
Your information is only shared when necessary and with your consent. Tenant information is shared with your own landlord, utility companies and maintenance companies as well as with banks for banking transactions only.

Your Rights
We appreciate the rights of the data subject under GDPR including:

● The right to be informed
● The right to rectification
● The right to erasure
● The right to restrict processing
● The right to data portability
● The right to object
● The right to access

We are committed to respecting these rights and providing services if needed regarding these rights. You can contact us using the mail below if you need any of your information altered, deleted or accessed. As mentioned above and as per GDPR, we need to store some information in some cases for legitimate business purposes.

Contacting Us
You can contact us regarding our policy or your information at or by post at the following postal address: 36 Lower Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8.
This includes questions, complaints, requests for information to be altered, deleted or accessed or any other comments in relation to our privacy policy.